Exor Studios releases Zombie Driver THD for Android

Exor Studios releases Zombie Driver THD for Android


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Halloween is officially here and we’ve got a new Zombie game to help you break in the holiday with Zombie Driver THD by EXOR Studios.

Zombie Driver THD is set in a world overrun by Zombies after a chemical accident turns most of the city into mindless brain eating machines.  You won’t go around aiming for headshots though as Zombie Driver THD is all about driving and you’ll get to sit behind the wheel of 13 destructive vehicles including a fire truck, bulldozer and tank.  The game has several different modes of play including Story and Slaughter Modes as well as 3 different styles of Blood Races.

I haven’t played Zombie Driver THD, but it sounds great and the graphics are certainly nothing to sneeze at. The game also seems to have quite a bit of depth with 31 missions, arena battles, and 30 racing events and the arena battles. There is no demo available at this time, and the free version is a bit pricy coming in at $6.99. You can get an idea of the gameplay by watching the trailer below and if you like what you see you can pick up EXOR Studios Zombie Driver THD on Google Play.

Zombie Driver THD

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