Dish out Death in Glu Mobile’s Death Dome for Android

Dish out Death in Glu Mobile’s Death Dome for Android


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Glu Mobile have released a stream of quality games lately, and you can now add another to the list with Death Dome. This apocalyptic Android game puts you to work fighting off Behemoths in a Dome of Death which is just as brutal as it sounds.

The world of Death Dome is a brutal one where you’ll have to go through a series of battles to escape the dome. The gameplay behind Death Dome is similar to another Glu Mobile hit by the name of Blood & Glory, but there are a few differences this time around. The attacks seem to be more free flowing as I quickly learned I could swipe in damn near any direction I wanted to.  Overall it’s a good thing as people will be able to pick up and play Death Dome quickly with no problem.  As you’d expect there’s a store full of weapons and gear, and it’s a strange assortment to say the least. I mean that in a good way too as what other game gives you a pissed off honey badger with a beehive on a stick. The beasts you fight are nothing to sneeze at either as you can see by the screenshot below. I decapitated that dude… after I cut his arm off. He was still alive and it took several batches of swipes to take him down for good. That was just the second baddie in the game.

Death Dome is a very cool game and it’s an intense one to boot. The fighting is fast and furious, the gear & weapons are cool, and the behemoths are very deserving of their name. I haven’t had a lot of time to give this one a proper play, but it’s a game you’ll definitely want to check out. You can pick up Death Dome for free on Google Play.

Death Dome

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