Defend your Castle in Paper War for Android

Defend your Castle in Paper War for Android


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If you like your Android games with a bit of style you may want to check out a new one by the name of Paper War. It’s a castle defense type of game that lets you battle it out with cardboard heroes and little paper soldiers.

The world of Paper War is set across a beige land containing 10 villages with 5 levels each. Each level starts you out with a cannon and a bit of a fort and you’ll need to walk a fine line between attacking and defending. As different as the graphics are the one thing that really sets this game apart is the way you’re warriors enter the battle. That big paper cannon you start with… you’ll use that to fire your soldiers onto the field. You’ll take a bit of damage doing it, but it sure gets them there quicker and you’ll be able to fire other projectiles as well when you get enough cash. There are several different types of warriors to unlock as well as a big hero character. In another nice twist your Hero can die, but can be revived although it’s quite pricey and you may have to go without him for a bit if you don’t have enough cash saved up.

Paper War (doodle war) is a great little castle defense game with a unique style and plenty of depth. It’s also a tough game, and I enjoyed the way you launch your warriors onto the battlefield as it adds a bit more strategy to the mix. The game does have garbled/broken English so figuring out what things do can be tricky, but not impossible by any means. Either way if you’re looking for something a little different and enjoy the castle defense genre Paper War might just be the thing for you. You can pick up Daerisoft’s Paper War for free on Google Play.

Paper War


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