Battle Evil in Noodlecake Studios League of Evil for Android

Battle Evil in Noodlecake Studios League of Evil for Android

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Noodlecake has released some great retro titles lately and they’ve just added another to that list with League of Evil. Can you stop the Evil scientists from taking over the world with your funky acrobatic skills?

The League of Evil takes place in a world where the top evil scientists have joined forces to create a super team called The League of Evil. The evil little squad is set to take over the world, and your job is to stop them as you’re a specially trained agent skilled in the art of taking down evil scientists. The League of Evil reminds me of a mini-platformer of sorts as it plays just like an old-school platform game, but with very short levels. The game uses left & right arrows and only has to 2 action buttons that let you attack & jump although the jump button lets you perform double jumps, wall jumps, and flips. Like levels? The League of Evil definitely has you covered there as you’ll get a whopping 160 to play through.

I took League of Evil for a quick spin last night and was once again impressed by Noodlecake Studios ability to put out a slick (and fun) Android game. This one has a nice retro vibe to it and you’ll even get to witness a few pixely decapitations. There’s a free version of the game you can check out while the full version of League of Evil will only set you back a buck.

League of Evil

Noodlecake Studios

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