Arctic Game Studio releases Ride the Magic for Android

Arctic Game Studio releases Ride the Magic for Android


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If you’re into puzzlers there’s a new one from Arctic Game Studios you might want to check out called Ride the Magic. While you don’t actually get to ride anything the game is still a lot of fun as you’ll get to use mystical orbs full of magical energy.

Ride the Magic is a game about magic currents, and your goal is to transfer those magical juices from your magic orb to others until you take over the playing field. You’ll start out with an orb full of blue magic, and you’ll tap on an empty orb in order to fill it up. From there you can send it out to other orbs with the goal of getting to and taking over the red one. The difficulty comes into play with the red orb as it’s constantly sending its magic towards you and the empty orbs on the field. You can’t just send magic out anyway you like either as you’ll have to travel along the “lines” which switch with the levels. Ride the Magic has around 36 levels for gamers to enjoy, but there are no extras to speak of although you can go for perfect 3-star levels.

The premise behind Ride the Magic is a simple one, but a lot of fun and quite challenging as you get into the latter levels. I do wish the game had more levels, but hopefully the developers will add more in the future. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick up Arctic Game Studios Ride the Magic for free on Google Play.

Ride the Magic

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