2K Games unleashes NBA 2K13 for Android

2K Games unleashes NBA 2K13 for Android

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Yesterday we covered a pop-a-shot basketball game called Space Ball, and today we’re back with the real deal as 2K Games have just released NBA 2K13 for Android. If you’re looking for a full basketball experience on your tablet look no further.

NBA 2K13 gives you the full basketball experience as you’ll get to play regular games, the NBA’s Greatest Games, and even dynasty mode as NBA 2K13 lets you take your team through multiple seasons. As far as I could tell it has all the players so you’ll be able to run the new Lakers team or use this years rookie crop. My favorite thing by far is the ability to run a mini-dynasty complete with multiple seasons although I’m not sure how many seasons it’ll let you go yet and unfortunately there is no draft class just retirements. If you’re concerned about the controls don’t be. There are two options you can go with, one-touch controls or the usual d-pad & button combo. I tried both and one-touch was definitely interesting to say the least; still not sure which mode I’ll stick with in the long term.

NBA 2K13 is by far the best basketball game you’ll find on a mobile device, and it’s packed full of features just like its console counterpart. For the most part the game ran smoothly although it did seem to bog occasionally, but it may just be my tab and not the game. Either way, if you love basketball and want a good basketball game for you mobile this is the game for you. You can pick up NBA 2K13 for $7.99 on Google Play, it may be pricey but it’s well worth it.

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