Zynga releases Montopia for Android

Zynga releases Montopia for Android


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I and a lot of other folks have longed to have a proper Pokémon game for Android. Nintendo hasn’t produced one, but Montopia is an attempt at the popular monster catching format from Zynga. This game lets you “collect them all” instead of “catch them all”, but is it worth it and will you even want to bother with collecting them all?

Montopia is a monster catching RPG style game that puts you to work catching monsters and battling them. Actually you’re not going to work that hard as you basically just need to travel down paths (on a rail) and open chest to get a lot of the monsters. You can also “Fuse” monsters together to create new ones and use co-op fusion with your crew to boost your monsters abilities to the max. There seem to be quite a few different things you can do, but honestly nothing caught my interest in-between the lock ups  and occasional force closes I received. There are over 400 monsters to collect in all even though I stopped after five or so as Montopia isn’t exactly my cup of tea.


I have no doubt this will be a popular game, but someone who spent a lot of time on the original Gameboy playing Pokémon I think Montopia is a pretty poor attempt at Pokémon. You basically don’t do a whole lot of anything besides tap on chests, and you don’t even really battle per say. The game also flashes randomly and locks up frequently which just makes it suck a little worse. It may seem like I’m being harsh on the game, and I am as it’s a blatant attempt to rip off Pokémon and a bad one at that. Yeah there are a lot of other Monster catching games out there, but at least they look good and they’re much better than this one. If you still want to try the game out you can pick up Zynga’s Montopia on Google Play for free.




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