Weird Game of the Week – Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA for Android

Weird Game of the Week – Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA for Android


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It’s been awhile since we’ve covered a ‘weird’ game just because it’s weird, but Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA is about as bizarre as I’ve seen in a while. In case the title didn’t give it away, the game’s all about peeing while you’re on a boat at sea.

You are Captain Drunken whose obviously a very drunk Sea Captain in need to a place to pee. Instead of just letting it rip off the side of the boat he decides to do the honorable thing and take a whizz in the toilet. The only problem is that he’s drunk as skunk and he’s on an unsteady boat at sea which means hitting the porcelain pot won’t be all that easy. As soon as you fire up Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA the drunk Cap’n starts spraying and you simply need to tilt your phone to try and get it into the bowl. It’s definitely not easy as the ship constantly moves with the waves and so does the captain. Your goal is to get as much pee in the toilet as possible and you’ll get to try until the mess meter goes full yellow. Pretty straight forward, but tricky nonetheless. There’s only one stage in Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA , but there are some quirky add-ons like skimpy suits for your sexy first mate, costumes for the captain, expert mode, and another mode called Pissed of Birds. Unfortunately they are expensive to unlock so you’ll have to play for a while or buy extra coins to get em’.

Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA is a nice little time killer that’s great if you’ve got a sense of humor. There’s not a whole lot to the game, but I didn’t really expect much from a game about taking a piss. That being said, I’m curious to see what expert mode entails as well as the pissed off birds mode so the game hooked me there as I’ve been playing it on & off for days trying to build up coins. If you’re looking for something a bit different and enjoy a good laugh you can pick up The Distinguished Fellows Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA on Google Play for free.

Captain Drunken: PEE at SEA

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