Troll Inc releases Jellyflug for Android

Troll Inc releases Jellyflug for Android


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There are several different Android games involving Bacteria although Jellyflug from Troll Inc. puts a different spin on things. You are the bacteria and you’ll have to work your way through some zany levels to get back to your nasty little home.

Grash is a bacterium, but he was a friendly little chap until he was taken away from his dirty abode in the bathroom. Your job is to make Grash happy again as you guide him through 5 worlds and 15 levels including locations like the kitchen sink, floors, and cutting boards. Needless to say, Jellyflug quite the journey and a pretty trippy one at that. Jellyflug is reminiscent of an old-school platformer where you’ll simply need to move left & right while jumping and shooting. Yup, Grash does fire a weapon of sorts as you can fling your lil’ bacterium buddies towards any objects or enemies standing in your way. You’ll also want to collect any ‘treasures’ you come across as well; I’m not sure if it’s necessary to finish out a level or the game, but there appears to be 3 different kinds to collect.

Jellyflug is a cool little platformer that’s got a lot going on as well as a very unique artistic style. The controls are easy to use and there are a lot of objects to interact with although I wish there were more instructions as to what’s going on in the game. I only played through the first level of the game, but the graphics really got my attention and I look forward to seeing what else lies in store in the wacky world of Jellyflug. There’s no demo available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Jellyflug for free on Google Play.


Troll Inc

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