Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – September 2, 2012

Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – September 2, 2012

We had some great Android games grace our screens over the past week from an Apple loving Granny to a kid with a Horn on his head. Three highly anticipated Android games fans have been waiting for finally arrived, but none of them could manage to knock a little indie simulation game out of our top spot for the best of the week. Without further ado, we proudly present our Top 10 New Android Games of the Week September 2, 2012…

1. A Story of a Band

Surpsise! As much as the gaming worlds been talking about Horn and Granny Smith on Android, I’ve been talking about (and playing) A Story of a Band by Hot Byte Games. This little gem lets you build up your own Rock Band from scratch as you’ll select you members, tour, record albums, switch musical styles, and you even get to battle! It’s just as deep (possibly deeper) than any Kairosoft I’ve played, and it’s really a blast if you dig sim’s or love music. There’s a free version of the game you can try, and the full version is a really as steal at only $2.51.

2. Granny Smith

The fine folks at Mediocre finally revealed their newest game this week in the form of Granny Smith. It’s the age old story of an Apple loving Granny who’s out for vengeance against a young whippersnapper who stole her apples. It’s definitely has a unique style, and it’s one of the cooler downhill racing games I’ve played in quite some time. You can pick up Mediocre’s Granny Smith for $0.99 on Google Play.

3. McPixel

McPixel is a bizarre, frustrating, insane romp through a world filled with dynamite, pot smoking aliens, and a hero with a bad case of the kickies’. McPixel is a puzzle game, McPixel is a weird game, McPixel is everything to everyone and you’re going to love it or possibly explode. This game has frustrated the hell out of me for the better part of the week (I don’t do walkthroughs or hints), and I’ve passed it along to my friends and it’s pissed them off just as much which is never, ever a bad thing. If you want to check it out (you know you do) you should checkout the free version of Sos’s McPixel, and if you’re into it you can get the full version for only $2.99.

4. Blood & Glory: Legend

Glu Mobile made a return to the Arena this week as they released Blood & Glory: Legend onto Android. The gameplay may have stayed the same, but Legend has a different layout, new tournaments, meaner opponents, and a new comic style storyline to boot. If you enjoyed the first one there’s no doubt you’ll love this one and you can get it for free on Google Play.

5. Horn

Horn is one of the most longed for games of the year, and this week we finally got to see what all the fuss was about. Horn is a 3rd person adventure game that lets you play a young blacksmith’s apprentice who travels around a land full of monsters. The twist is most of those monsters used to be people, but have been transformed into beasts thanks to a nasty curse. Your job is to break the curse as you battle and travel around the beautiful world of Horn. The game looks GREAT, but has been hit with quite a few issues early on including FC issues and crashes which I experienced firsthand. My recommendation is to hold off on this one until they get a few updates out to squash the bugs so the game will be solid all the way through. If you’re itching to try it now be prepared for an 1.8 Gig download and a price tag of $6.99.

6. Kingdom Royale

Gamevil dropped a slick little game called Kingdom Royale this week, and if you’re into town building this is the game for you. You’ll have to build up your own Kingdom along with your army and walk a fine line between getting resources and sending your troops out to attack and gain territory. It’s basically a building game/RTS and it’s a great game to get if you enjoy either of those genres. You can pick up Kingdom Royale for free on Google Play.

7. Black Metal Man

Black Metal Man is a dark and brooding Endless Runner that puts you to work running away from the light and into the dark depths of hell itself. You get metal music, cool power-ups, and evil but fun graphics. It’s a different take on Endless Runners and one I enjoyed even though it’s a pretty tough little game. You can checkout SinSquid Games Black Metal Man for $0.99 on Google Play.

8. Oh! Edo Towns

Oh! Edo Towns is the newest game from Kairosoft and it’s a pretty cool one if you dig the Edo period of Japan and simulation games. You get to build your own Samurai town where you’ll get to erect houses, castles, and a lot of other stuff as you try to build your Edo town into the best one around. I’m a Kairosoft fan, and I’m almost a little embarrassed to say I haven’t tried this one yet as another sim (see #1) has sucked most of my free time away. That being said, if you’ve enjoyed Kairosoft’s games you’ll probably want to pick this one up and you can get it for $4.99 on Google Play.

9. Fart VS Zombies

Farts vs Zombies is a game that lets you fart to kill zombies and it involves an evil Unicorn. Sound strange? Well it is, and as cool & quirky as the game’s premise is it could definitely use a tune-up in a few areas. It’s still fun and worth a look if you dig’ quirky, but honestly I had hoped for a little more from the wacky premise and funky style. You can try out the demo of Farts vs Zombies or pick up the full version for $1.99.

10. Jelly Jump

Jelly Jump is a fun little jumping game from the folks at MoMinis that puts you to work jumping around with a little penguin as he tries to find new friends that can appreciate his dancing ability. You’ll jump on clouds, jellyfish, and satellites as you meet strange creatures and find new friends. It’s a good quick play game, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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