Tap, Slice, and Shake the Nightmares away in Nightmarium for Android

Tap, Slice, and Shake the Nightmares away in Nightmarium for Android


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There are plenty of spooky Android games out there, but not many involve actual Nightmares. Game Garden is set to change that as Nightmarium is a game all about those horrible little nightmares that plague you while you sleep.

Nightmarium is a game about a sleepy little girl who gets attacked by awful nightmare creatures every time she shuts her eyes. Your job is to rid her of those terrible dreams, and different monsters will need to be handled in different ways. Some monsters can simply be destroyed by tapping the screen while others have to be sliced. If neither of those work you can pick up the dastardly little buggers and shake them away or use artifacts and weapons to dispose of the nightmares. I’m not sure if you get more weapons/artifacts as the game progresses or just the 3 on the screen, but I will say save the light until you need it as it comes in very handy when you get overwhelmed. Nightmarium has 10 frightening monsters to take on in 6 creepy locations as well as some achievements and leaderboards via Facebook.

Nightmares usually aren’t much fun, unless you’re David Lynch and enjoy making movies out of them. Nightmarium is an exception to the rule though as I had quite a bit of fun popping & slicing monsters in the bizarre settings of the game. The style of the game is great, so great in fact that I wish there was a little more to the game than simply tapping baddies. If you’re in the mood to destroy a few nightmares you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Nightmarium for free.


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