Rovio’s Bad Piggies out now on Google Play

Rovio’s Bad Piggies out now on Google Play


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Today’s a pretty big day in the world of Android gaming as Rovio has finally unleashed those bad piggies onto Google Play. If you’re tired of flinging angry birds around or have always sided with the piggies today’s your lucky day.

Bad Piggies is the latest game from Rovio and the 2nd non-angry birds game from the team. In case you’re wondering no you won’t be throwing pigs through the air, but there will be a few flying pigs nonetheless. Bad Piggies puts you to work building contraptions/vehicles that the piggies will use to try and get those eggs they so long for. Bad Piggies has around 60 levels for you to play through with an additional 30 puzzles that can be unlocked by getting 3-stars on the levels. There are also 4 sandbox levels, and a super-secret sandbox level you can get to by collecting all the skulls.

It’s early here, and I noticed Bad Piggies had dropped before I had even had my caffine to get my motor running so I only played a few quick levels. So far I like what I’ve seen; it’s certainly different from Angry Birds and looks to be quite a bit of fun. If you’re ready to help out those poor pitiful piggies you can hit the link below and pick up Rovio’s Bad Piggies on Google Play.

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies HD

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