Put the Pedal to the Metal and Destroy your Opponent in Glu Mobiles Indestructible

Put the Pedal to the Metal and Destroy your Opponent in Glu Mobiles Indestructible


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Indestructible is the newest Android game from the minds at Glu Mobile, and if you’re into racing around and destroying random people online it is just the game for you. There’s no storyline, and no lengthy tutorial as Indestructible is all about blowing folks up.

The rules behind Indestructible are very simple as you just need to kill the other players to earn points, and the first one to 5 points wins. You start out with a truck dubbed the Punisher, but can move on to bigger and badder vehicles as you progress. Before each match you get to setup your loadout which consists of a weapon, melee, and components. You’ll only start out with a weapon, but it’s not hard to level up and unlock melee and components after playing a few ranked matches.  Indestructible has a single player mode, but the ranked matches are where the action’s at as you can battle it out with folks online. There seems to be quite a bit of customization to the game as well as you can paint your vehicles and their appearance changes whenever you equip something new.

Indestructible is a great looking game that’s all about hauling ass and taking people out. I did play several online matches last night and they were fast & furious.  I also had no problem getting a match started which is always nice to see. If you’re ready to give it a run you can pick up Glu Mobile’s Indestructible on Google Play for free.


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