Puppets Gone Wild in Twindigo’s Puppet War FPS for Android

Puppets Gone Wild in Twindigo’s Puppet War FPS for Android


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There are a lot of shooters floating around out there in the wilds of Google Play, but how many involve puppets? Puppet War: FPS is a 3rd person shooter from Twindigo that lets you take out all your rage against hordes of evil little puppets.

Puppet War: FPS isn’t just a game about destroying puppets… well yeah it is, but it does a bit of a story. You are a janitor that’s been trapped inside a kids TV show, and puppets are out to kill you. Why are they so angry? I have no idea, but they’re insane, very creepy, and I loved every second I spend destroying them. No good puppet destroying game would be complete without an arsenal of weapons, and Puppet War has that area covered. You’ll start out with a simple mop, but as you progress in the game you’ll get to use implements of destruction like shotguns, assault rifles, baseball bats, and samurai swords. Puppet War: FPS also offers up several different maps, perks, and even has a few bosses to take on.

Puppet Wars: FPS ep.1 is a fun little 3rd person shooter, and if ever a game was to be considered ‘zany’ it would have to be this one. The only real negative I found in my brief time with the game would be with the controls. You get dual-sticks, but they did feel sluggish at times and it would be nice to be able to adjust the sensitivity. If you’d like to give it a run you can grab the Puppet Wars: FPS episode 1 for free, and if you dig it there’s an episode 2 that adds more weapons, puppets, and levels for only $0.99. Both episodes of Twindigo’s Puppet Wars are available for download on Google Play.

Puppet War: FPS Episode 1


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