Nevosoft releases My Kingdom for the Princess 3 for Android

Nevosoft releases My Kingdom for the Princess 3 for Android


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Nevosoft is well known for their hidden object games, but lately they’ve been branching out a bit with a few puzzlers and simulation style games. My Kingdom for the Princess 3 is one of the team’s latest Android game, and while I never played (or heard of) the first two part three ain’t too shabby…

My Kingdom for the Princess 3 is a game that takes elements from strategy, time management, and simulation games and combines them into a tale of a Princess and her three suitors. You’ll have to build things, win mini-games, and basically be an all-around nerdowell  to win the princesses hand in marriage and save your country from ruin. From what I’ve learned so far it looks like you’re going to build a lot of things, clear roads, gather resources, and fix up structures among other tasks. There are 5 different chapters in the game that contain multiple levels, and while I’m not sure how many there are per chapter I’m betting the game is a lengthy one.

I only gave the game a brief play, but from what I gathered they’ll be a whole lot of tapping, resource gathering, and building. That’s not necessarily a bad thing it just depends on the style of gameplay you like in these types of games. There’s a limited free version available if you want to take it for a test drive, and if you like what you see you can get the full version for $3.99. Both versions of Nevosoft’s My Kingdom for the Princess 3 are available to download on Google Play.

My Kingdom for the Princess 3


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