Kairosoft releases Venture Towns onto Google Play

Kairosoft releases Venture Towns onto Google Play


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It seems the folks at Kairosoft are on a tear lately as we got Oh! Edo Towns last week, and this week brings us another Android game called Venture Towns. Two city building sims in a week isn’t always a good thing so the real question is does Venture Towns have anything different to offer or is it Oh! Edo Towns in a different setting?

Venture Towns puts you to work making your own Utopia where you’ll get to build a thriving metropolis from the ground up. You’ll have to build houses, stores, and mansions to give your little folk somewhere to live so they can work and spend their hard earned dough in your city. Some of the things your residents can buy include items like cars, houses and pets… they even mention winning the lottery in the market description which is something a little different. Just like in Mega Mall and similar games you can group certain structures together to make specialty districts or combos.


I had to wing this one going off the market description, as I just noticed this game this morning in my daily appbrain search. It “seems” to be more of the same which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re a fan of Kairosoft games. That being said, I would really like to see something truly different from Kairosoft as I’m getting a little burned out on the usual fair… blasphemy I know. There isn’t a demo version out right now (expect one in a about a week), but the full version of Venture Towns can be had for $4.99.

Venture Towns


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