Kairosoft releases Pokémon style game Beastie Bay for Free

Kairosoft releases Pokémon style game Beastie Bay for Free


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We’ve seen some great games already this week, and the week just got a little bit better with a new Kairosoft release titled Beastie Bay. Beastie Bay is a game of firsts from Kairosoft as it’s the first game they’ve released involving a deserted island, and it’s the first free game they’ve ever released for Android.

Beastie Bay is the tale of a boy and his animal ally who are trying to survive after washing up on the shore of a mysterious deserted island. You’ll have to build yourself a new home, explore the island, and get new residents. You’ll also have to duke it out with bizarre animals; some may be your allies while others will just want to fight you. As you progress through the wilds of Beastie Bay you’ll be able to unlock new equipment and tools to help you stay alive and build your island into a personal paradise. While I haven’t gotten too far into the game yet there is definitely a strong Pokémon thing going and it is not a bad thing.

I’ve followed Kairosoft since they released Game Dev Story for Andoid, and have played most of their games. Kairobotica was one of my more recent favorites, but it’s quickly been replaced by Beastie Bay. If you’re a fan of their previous games or Pokémon I have no doubt you’ll love this game. There are ads in the game, but nothing major and you can remove them through an in-app purchase for $3.99.

Beastie Bay


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