inXile Entertainment releases The Bard’s Tale for Android

inXile Entertainment releases The Bard’s Tale for Android


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If you were a gamer in the mid to late 80s chances are you the played The Bard’s Tale, and if you were a fan of the quirky series like myself today’s your lucky day. The Bard’s Tale for Android has just been released, and if you enjoy humor and a bit of singing it’s definitely a game to check out.For those not familiar with The Bard’s Tale it’s a story of Bard whose weapon of choice is his voice which you’ll use to summon characters to join you in battle. The Bards’s Tale is also a massive adventure that gives you a whopping 20-30 hours of playtime as you explore a vast world filled with castles, rivers, dungeons, and haunted tombs. Like enemies? There are plenty of those as well with around 50 different enemy types and some bosses thrown in for good measure. All that combined with over 150 unique items, 16 summonable characters, 50 achievements, and leaderboards make The Bard’s Tale an engrossing experience that will suck your free time away as you’re sucked into the world of the Bard. If that’s not enough you’ll also get the original Bard’s Tale game with episodes 2 & 3 listed as coming soon.

It has been ages since I played the original game, and this release took me by surprise this morning as it looks like I’ll be freeing up some time this weekend to spend with the Bard. It’s pretty safe to say that if you enjoy a good adventure game you’ll love this one, and it’s even got 14 hours of voice-acting including the voice of one Carey Elwes aka Westley from the Princess Bride. Good stuff people. Check back in a week or two (big game) for our full review of The Bard’s Tale, and if you’re ready to give the game a go you can pick it up for $5.95 on Google Play.

The Bard’s Tale


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