Infect the World with Armor Games Infectonator for Android

Infect the World with Armor Games Infectonator for Android


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What’s better than dominating the world with infected Zombies? Doing it with Pixelated Zombies! Infectonator is the newest Android game from Armor Games and if you’re into Zombies you’ll want to keep reading…The rules behind Infectonator are simple. When you fire up the game you’ll see a screen with little pixel people running around in a panic. All you need to do is touch the floor near a group of people to start the infection, and anyone the infected bump into passes on the zombie virus. Turned zombies only last for a certain amount of time before decaying, and some people like Secret Agents can’t be infected directly.

Oh yeah, you’re Zombies can be killed as well so there’s definitely an element of strategy involved in the game. Infectonator is a global game and while start out on one continent your goal is to eventually take over the world. As you might imagine taking over the world isn’t going to be easy and luckily you’ll be able to use the Lab. The Lab lets you unlock super zombies, buy weapons, and allows you to upgrade your zombies with extra health & super speed. I’m not sure how many levels are in the game, but I’m guessing quite a few as you are taking over the world after all.I’ve played flash games on Armor Games for years and I was glad to see that the company is finally porting some of their killer games over to Android. I’m also happy to say Infectonator was a great choice, and it’s a perfect fit for mobile devices. The game is a blast to play, has plenty of upgrades, and the little pixelated zombies are the icing on the cake. I did have a few graphic glitches here and there on my Galaxy S3, but nothing major that affected the gameplay. There isn’t a free version of Infectonator to try, but the full version is well worth the $0.99 price tag.


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