Help out a Hungry Croc in Feed Me for Android

Help out a Hungry Croc in Feed Me for Android

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If you enjoy eating games or feeding things to animals there are all kinds of Android games out there for you. Feed Me from Mopower is one of the latest, and if you’re into feeding cute little crocodiles you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Feed Me is the story of Dio, a newborn Crocodile who has lost his way and is starving. You’ll have to help lil’ Dio out by feeding him fruit through manipulating objects. Got a fruit help up by a green block? Then just remove it and let the fruit drop into Dio’s mouth. It’s generally not that simple though as sometimes you’ll have to knock out blocks to let the fruit roll or smack the fruit with a lever to get it going. You’ll also encounter little spiky blocks known as “The Evil” which are to be avoided at all costs as they’ll turn your fruit into mush before it ever reaches Dio. Feed Me has 36 levels set across 3 different areas including the River, Jungle, and the Savanna.

Feed Me is a simple, but fun game with cute graphics and tricky gameplay. It’s also a family friendly game and I didn’t notice any in-app purchases which is a nice change for once. If you’re looking for a nice puzzler for kids or adults Feed Me is definitely worth a look and you can get it for free on Google Play.

Feed Me

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