Help Fund Atomicom’s Racing Game Hawthorne Park THD through a Demo

Help Fund Atomicom’s Racing Game Hawthorne Park THD through a Demo


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If you’ve ever played the Android game known as Bang Bang Racing THD you know that Atomicom can make a great racing game. Hawthorne Park Lite is the latest game from the folks at Atomicom, but it’s not really a full game, only a $16.15 Demo. When you pick your jaw back up off the floor, keep reading and I’ll let you know why it’s the priciest demo you’ll probably ever play.

We all know how popular crowd funding has become and it looks like Atomicom is jumping on the bandwagon although it’s in a different way. Hawthorne Park Lite THD is their way of letting fans get in on the action as your purchase of the demo goes towards funding the game and making it better. Atomicon is looking for suggestions on what type of features you’d like to see in the game and you can let them know by purchasing the demo. If you buy the demo you’ll not only get to offer your sage-like wisdom to the team, but you’re also guaranteed a free copy of the new game and your name will go into the support credits.

It’s definitely an interesting approach to crowd funding, and it will be interesting to see how this goes as it’s the first game I can think of that’s been done this way live in the market. As far as the price is concerned I think they would have done a little better to price it a tad bit lower as the majority of people tend to give the minimum when backing a game which averages at right around 10 bucks. Either way it’s going to be a fun story to follow, and if you want to get in on the game (and into the credits) you can pick up the Hawthorne Park Lite THD demo for $16.15 on Google Play.

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