Have some Gross Fun with Sperm Defense for Android

Have some Gross Fun with Sperm Defense for Android


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There are tons of Android games out there that use defense as a form of offense, but how many of them use Sperm? That’s right Sperm Defense lets you defend something (we don’t’ know what it is) against wave after wave of incoming sperm.

Sperm Defense is a ‘tap and destroy’ game of sorts where you’ll have to defend yourself against the evil sperm. Killing the Sperm is as simple as tapping on it although some Sperm are much tougher than other and will require multiple hits to take down. You can also drag the sperm around into groups so you can destroy several at once; this comes in handy when you’re dealing with tough sperm like the Hammerhead Sperm. Yes, I said Hammerhead Sperm and yes it resembles a Hammerhead shark. As you progress through Sperm Defense you’ll be given skills which allow you do set the sperm on fire or electrocute it. You can even level up your skills and combine them so you can see what happens when you set acid of fire or electrocute some Sperm. If that’s not enough for you Sperm Defense gives you Bosses to battle, and a whopping 100 spermy levels to fight your way through.


The premise behind Sperm Defense is an odd one, but the game itself is very well done and polished throughout. Some time definitely went into this one and it shows as the sound effects and graphics fit the game to a tee. It’s a tough game, but a fun one and a game you’ll definitely want to check out if you’ve got a good sense of humor. If you’re ready to destroy some sperm you can pick up 17th Pixel’s Sperm Defense on Google Play for free.

Sperm Defense

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