Dodge Blocks and Free Angels in Falling Block Angel for Android

Dodge Blocks and Free Angels in Falling Block Angel for Android

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I’m always on the lookout for intriguing games, and Falling Block Angel from Martian Arctic Games definitely fits the bill. What makes this one different? For starters it involves spaceships, blocks, and weapon carrying angels…

Falling Block Angel is an old-school Space Shooter at its core, but when you first fire it up you’ll quickly find out that it’s got much more going on than you thought. The object of the game is to shoot blocks to make them fall, but when you shoot them they don’t disappear like in other games of this nature. The blocks fall, and you’ll have to dodge them as they come down. You can keep shooting a falling block to kind of juggle it or push it out of your way a bit. Amid the blocks you’ll see caged Angels, and each of those will have a weapon you can use to take out the blocks like a javelin kind of bullet or a bomb. You can basically keep playing the game forever as the game only ends when an attached block gets past you and makes it to the bottom of the screen.


Falling Block Angels is a pretty damned fun game, and the way you play is certainly different from other games out there. It’s simple to play, but challenging and there are no In-App purchases or anything to unlock as what you see is what you get. The game could definitely use a little work here and there, but for what it is I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing. If you’d like to check it out you can pick up Martian Arctic Games Falling Block Angel for free on Google Play.

Fallen Block Angels

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