Com2uS releases Escape the Ape for Android

Com2uS releases Escape the Ape for Android


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Com2uS wowed us a little while back with a monkey game called Swing Shot, and now they’re back with another primate themed game called Escape the Ape. Can you help JoJo get away from a giant pissed off gorilla?

You are JoJo the chimp and you’re on the run from a gigantic ape that’s out to get you. As you are a chimp you’ve really only got one means of escape… jumping. Escape the Ape is basically an ‘endless jumping’ game where you’ll soar upwards through the trees with some assistance from trampolines. The trampolines work to send you flying and when you start coming back down you simply need to draw/drag another one underneath your chimp to bounce him back up. You’ll also want to try and snag jewels (monkeys like shiny things) as you’re zipping through the trees as you can use them in the ship for a few handy upgrades. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it would be if you didn’t have a very big Ape coming after you. There are a few power-ups along the way like balloons, but for the most part it’s just you and your trampoline.

Escape the Ape is a nice quick play game that kids or adults can enjoy. There are a few in-app purchases, but you don’t need to buy anything at all to play and enjoy the game. I do wish there were a few more power-ups or monkey’s to jump with, but Escape the Ape is a quick play game so depth really doesn’t matter that much. If you’re ready to help little JoJo out you can pick up Com2uS’s Escape the Ape for free on Google Play.

Escape the Ape


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