Celebrate Labor Day with Max Payne on Sale for $0.99

Celebrate Labor Day with Max Payne on Sale for $0.99


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It’s not unusual for companies to reduce the price of their games on Android over special occasions and Rockstar Games are no different. The company currently has two games on the Android platform: GTA III and Max Payne. While GTA III remains at $5, Rockstar have dropped the price for Max Payne down to $0.99/£0.76 from $2.99/£2.30. The reduced game price is in celebration of Labor Day. The 67 percent discount offer expires on Tuesday September 4th.

For those unfamiliar with Rockstar’s Max Payne third person shooter series, Payne is an undercover cop but, he is on the run from not only the police but, the mob as well after being framed for murder. He tries to discover what happened to his slain family while trying to clear his name.

Rockstar have worked hard at bringing the game to Android which was originally released in 2001. There are brilliant HD graphics and game play has been tailored for touch screen controls but, it has also been made compatible with select USB gamepads and the GameStop Wireless Game Controller. It also utilizes the Sony Ericsson Xperia gamepad. Rockstar Games have even included the famous “Bullet Time” – slow-motion gunplay into the game. Rockstar Games Social Club has also been integrated with Max Payne for Android. They have also optimized the game for NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processors but, it also works on a variety of phones including HTC Sensation, HTC One X, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Samsung Galaxy S2 among other phones and tablets.

Max Payne

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