Build a little Pony Town in PlayWay SA’s Pony World 2 for Android

Build a little Pony Town in PlayWay SA’s Pony World 2 for Android


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Growing up in the 80s boys loved Gi Joe and Transformers while girls loved girly things and My Little Pony. The new Android game Pony World 2 isn’t a real My Little Pony game, but it does let you create your own Pony and you’ll even get to deck out your own little Pony Town.

Pony World 2 lets you create your very own pony from scratch, and you’ll even get to help it make friends, and get an education as nobody wants their Pony to be the dunce in class. Everyone knows Ponies live on farms, and Pony World 2 lets you setup and decorate your Pony’s farm to your liking. You’ll want to have the sharpest farm around, and you’ll even get to sell products from your farm to earn a little extra cash to spend on upgrades, food, and gifts. Pony World 2 has 6 different modes of play, 5 mini-games, and over 30 different stable facilities to build. There are also several different types of town buildings and shops to construct which means Pony World 2 should have more than enough depth to keep even the most hardcore Pony fans busy for a while.

I just picked up Pony World 2 this morning so I haven’t had a chance to play around with it much, but I know people love Ponies so they game should be pretty popular with girl gamers of any age. I plan on letting my niece loose on this one over the weekend and will report back next week if the game passes her pony test as she digs ponies and loves to play games on my tablet. There isn’t a free version to check out at this time, but if you want to give it a go you can pick up PlayWay’s Pony World 2 for $1.32 on Google Play.

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