Avko Labs releases Feed the Penguin for Android

Avko Labs releases Feed the Penguin for Android


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You may already know Avko Labs from their Android game Bloody Sniper, and their newest game Feed the Penguin is about as far as you can get from their previous title. Instead of killing Freddy and Skeletons you’ll get to feed cute little penguins, and it’s quite a bit of fun.

Feed the Penguins is a puzzle game that puts you to work feeding Penguins candy in a fun and interesting way. During each stage you’ll be given a line with a blue dot, and you’ll drag the blue dot to adjust the line so it crosses paths with any candy or light bulb you see on the screen. As you might expect they’ll be plenty of obsitcles in your way and if our fluffy little friend hits them he’s toast. Feed the Penguin is made even more difficult as more blue dragging dots are added as you progress in the game. This gives you a little more leeway getting to your end point, but it also makes things a bit trickier.

Feed the Penguin gives gamers a lot of levels to work through as you’ll get to take on 120 levels set 6 different rooms. You can progress from level to level by simply collecting all the candy and making it to the end, but you’ll need to collect a certain amount of light bulbs to unlock the next room.  There are no extras to speak of aside from the Heyzap integration, but honestly when you’ve got a game with as much style and heart as Feed the Penguin you really don’t care about extras.


If I had to describe Feed the Penguin in one word it would be Charming. The developer has described the game as having a cozy atmosphere and I’d tend to agree as the soundtrack and style of the game definitely feels cozy to me and made me want to Feed the Penguins for a while. This one’s a good game for kids or adults, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re into puzzle & brain games. You can pick up Avko Labs Feed the Penguin for free on Google Play.

Feed the Penguin

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