Android Game Review: The Price is Right Decades
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Android Game Review: The Price is Right Decades

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The Price is Right has been around for ages so when I noticed an Android game called Price is Right Decades from Ludia Inc, I was instantly intrigued. After playing Decades over the weekend I thought it was time for a review so here we go…

The Price is Right Decades isn’t your average game show port. The game actually takes place in the present, but you’re mission is to watch different VHS tapes from four different decades with the 70s to the present. When you complete a tape it’s added to your archive, and if you’ve won the showcase for that show/tape you’ll get to play that shows pricing game at will. It’s a nice twist that keeps you playing, and it also helps to keep the game fresh.

Actually making your way through a show in the game is basically just like it is on the real show where you’ll start out on contestants row and if you guess closest to the price of the starting item you’ll move on to the pricing game stage. As anyone who watched the show knows there are a lot of different pricing games, and The Price is Right Decades has quite a few as well. Whether you win or lose in the pricing game stage you’ll still get to spin the big wheel, and if you beat your opponents mark it’s off to the grand finale known as the showcase stage.

The developers really did a great job with the “Decades” aspect of things as the settings, costumes, and items change depending on the decade. Whether you’re playing in the 70s or the 90s the setting matches the decade nicely. The pricing of items seems to be within reason although a few items did seem a bit off. That being said, the items vary wildly from Armani statues to dining room sets and SUV’s. I’m not exactly sure how many pricing games The Price is Right Decades has, but I’m guessing around 35 or so as the game seems to span from around 1973 to 2011. Some of the ones I played include Golden Road, The Dice Game, Plinko, Cliff Hangers, Hole in One, Professor Price, and Hurdles.

I’ve really had a blast playing The Price is Right Decades of the past week, and as a fan of the show I can say that the Android game does it justice. The game looks great and there are lots of little nuances that work to make the game as cool as it is. I enjoyed the whole Decades aspect of things, and it was fun to see all the different items in the pricing games. The archive aspect of the game is awesome too as it allows you to go back and play pricing games at your leisure. The only thing that bothered me a little after a while was the announcer. He does a great job and even though there’s a skip button it does slow things up a bit as he announces everything. Overall The Price is Right Decades is a great game, and one I highly recommend whether you watched the show or not. It is a big download, but well worth the wait and the price is nice as well at only $0.99.

The Price is Right Decades

Ludia Inc.

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Android Game Review: The Price is Right Decades, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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