Wizards, Sheep, and Magic in Retired Wizard Story for Android

Wizards, Sheep, and Magic in Retired Wizard Story for Android


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Being a Wizard is a tough job, and sometime you just want to settle down and raise Sheep. Can you manage to stay low key and keep your powers hidden or will your life a sheep farmer be short lived? That’s the premise behind an interesting new Android game called Retired Wizard Story from West River.

As mentioned you are an all powerful Wizard of the Gandalf kind, but Wizardry became a hassle so you’re off to raise sheep. One lazy afternoon our wizard got bored and decided to use a speaking spell on his sheep which as you can imagine didn’t turn out like expected. The sheep began to act like humans and started trying to escape their pen. Now you’ll have to use your magic to change them back to normal boring sheep before you’re discovered and your boring ordinary life is over. You’ll use spells and items to change your sheep back to normal, and as you’re a powerful Wizard you have quite a few spells in your repertoire. Retired Wizard Story is going to give you plenty of chances to use your Wizardry as well as you’ll get to take on 100 stages set across 10 different chapters.


Retired Wizard Story is a bizarre little game with a strange premise, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. I really wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, the game grew on me quickly once I started taking out the awkward looking sheep and saw the little tufts of wool go flying. If you want to cast a few spells and save a few sheep you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Retired Wizard Story for free.

Retired Wizard Story


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