Unlock the Mysteries of HeroCraft’s Dragon’s Lore for Android

Unlock the Mysteries of HeroCraft’s Dragon’s Lore for Android


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The minds at HeroCraft brought us a great Android game last week with Bombergeddon, and it looks like they’ve done it again as today they’ve released another slick game for Android called Dragon’s Lore.

Dragons come in many different shapes and sizes; they also come with different attitudes. The European dragons are well known for eating people, burning villages, and generally wreaking havoc while the Japanese Dragons are much tamer. Whereas the European Dragons of the Middle Ages were hunted down for glory and gold, Japanese Dragons were honored and revered just like the ones in Dragon’s Lore. Your goal in Dragon’s Lore is to remove cubes from the field by matching pieces of the same color which earns you points and a bit of money for use in the game. There are several different modes of play as well with Story, Classic, Arcade, Puzzle, and Infinity. Story mode drops you into the game with a quest involving a Dragon named Kirin where you’ll get to compete against bosses, complete tasks and upgrade your hero. The other modes all bring a little something different to the table as well so Dragon’s Lore definitely has enough gameplay to keep you busy for awhile between its various modes, 200 levels, and upgrade system.


Dragon’s Lore looks to be a great little puzzler that folks should enjoy if they dig Puzzle games or Match-3 style games. Speaking of style, Dragon’s Lore seems to have that in spades as it’s one of the slickest looking puzzlers I’ve seen in awhile. There is no free version available at this time, but the full version can be all yours for only $0.99. If you’re ready to get your puzzle on you can check out HeroCraft’s Dragon’s Lore on Google Play.

Dragon’s Lore


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