Triniti Interactive unleashes Call of Mini for Android

Triniti Interactive unleashes Call of Mini for Android


When looking for new Android Games most of us browse Google Play, and a lot of us forget all about Amazon’s App store. Call of the Mini by Triniti Interactive Studios is one small you reason you might want to check out Amazon’s neck of the woods as it looks to be a slick blocky shooter and it involves Zombies.

Call of Mini is a funk little Zombie shooter that lets you play a block headed hero going up against droves of block headed zombies. The game may be all about destroying Zombie, but you’ll get to do it in a few different ways with the regular 1-player mode, Co-Op Survival, and vs. Arena. The latter two are the main reason I wanted to check out the game as anytime I can get a shooter on my mobile that offers Co-Op and PvP gameplay it’s never a bad thing and the Zombies are a bonus. The gameplay itself is fast, furious and pretty damned brutal as everywhere I went I was followed and even when I though I found a safe corner Zombies spawned in front of my; luckily I had a chainsaw.


Call of Mini “seems” to be a great Zombie shooter, but I hit a few glitches trying to play the other modes so I’m unable to really see how the game plays in its entirety as of now. I’m going to give it a run on my S3 later and see how it does; if all goes well expect a full write up by the end of the week. This one’s only available on Amazon right now, but if you’re ready to give it a run you can snag it for $0.99.

Call of Mini

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