Travel through the Zombie Infested U.S. in Organ Trail: Director’s Cut for Android

Travel through the Zombie Infested U.S. in Organ Trail: Director’s Cut for Android


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I’m a little late getting going this morning because I spent half the night playing a very cool new Android Game called Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. No… not the “Oregon” Trail, but Organ as in the ones in your body. If you like your Zombie games with a bit of a Retro flair then you are going to be a very happy gamer today.

Broken Arms, Dysentery, and Fever – these are things you’re not doubt familiar with if you’ve played the classic game The Oregon Trail, and let’s face it most of us have. Zombie bites are just one new sickness added to the list of ailments in Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, and there are plenty of other new surprises in store for you along the way as well. Organ Trail lets you scavenge for food & supplies, trade with folks in towns, take on jobs, and shoot plenty of zombies among other things. It’s basically the same old game you remember, but in a modern zombie filled country and it’s a damn good time to say the least.


I’ve been following the progress on this game for awhile now, and now that it’s been released I can honestly say that The Men Who Wear Many Hats have done an outstanding job on the game. The graphics & animations are perfect, the zombies are plentiful, and most importantly it’s a blast to play. There are all sorts of cool features to go over, and go over them I will in my lengthy full review next week. Until then I highly suggest everyone go out and pick up Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, and you won’t be disappointed when you do. No free version is available at this time, but the full version of Organ Trail is a steal at only $2.99 on Google Play.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

The Men Who Wear Many Hats

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