Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – August 26, 2012

Top 10 New Android Games of the Week – August 26, 2012

This weeks list of the Top 10 Android Games of the Week brings us a popular game from iOS involving jetpacks, spell casting with Runes, and a city building game that lets you build a town in the Old West. That’s just a few of this weeks Android offering, and if you’re ready for the rest just keep reading….

1. Call of Mini – Zombies

Triniti Interactive released a cool little Zombie game this week called Call of Mini – Zombies. This fast paced game lets you roam the streets and blast away at countless undead folk, and you’ll get to do it with a sweet little arsenal including the ever popular chainsaw. Initially this one was only available on Amazon, but a few days ago it was released onto Google Play. No matter where you pick it up, it’s a good game and if you dig Zombies you’ll definitely want to give it a look.


XARM is brutal, XARM is strange, XARM is extreme arm wrestling! Whether you’re confused or curious (or both) one thing’s for sure, if you like beating people to a pulp this game’s just for you. You can read more about XARM here or head on over to Google Play and try it out for free.

3. Jetpack Joyride

A very popular iOS game made it’s way to our neck of the woods this week called Jetpack Joyride. As a fan of Halfbrick Studios I was pretty excited to see this was out, until I learned it was only available on Amazon which leaves a slew of global users out unfortunately. Regardless, it’s a great little game and if you’re in the US and want to give it a go you can pick it up on Amazon.

4. Boom Brigade 2

I’ve been following 10Tons since they released Joining Hands last year, and have always been impressed with their releases. Boom Brigade 2 is the newest game from the team, and it’s described as a line drawing action strategy top down shooter hybrid. In a nutshell, you’ll basically get to draw paths to your battles and send your troops out to kick ass, and you’ll get to do that in around 30 action-packed missions. If you’re in the mood for a little Mayhem you can pick up Boom Brigade 2 for free.

5. Runic Rumble

Are you ready to Rumble with some Runes? If so you’ll definitely dig Runic Rumble a new “spell fighting” game from Epiphany Games. Runic Rumble lets you battle through over 20 levels with gesture based spells, and it’s got a nice little storyline to boot. I haven’t gotten a chance to check this one out yet, but it looks to be a solid game with an interesting setup. If you’re ready to cast some spells you can checkout Runic Rumble for free on Google Play.

6. Eternity Warriors 2

Glu Mobile dropped a sequel to their very popular Eternity Warriors game this week, and if you enjoyed the first you’ll definitely dig the second. The game has intense Melee combat, scores of foul Demons, tons of cool gear, and an online Co-Op Mode that lets you duke it out with your friends online. If you’re ready to become the ultimate Warrior of Udar you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Eternity Warriors 2 for free.

7. The Golden Years: Way Out West

Alawar Entertainment has put out several memorable games including Hotel Mogul, and a personal favorite of mine called Shake Spears! It looks like they’ve just added another cool game to that list with The Golden Years: Way Out West. Their newest title puts you to work trying to tame the old west as you attempt to build a city from the ground up Western style. If you’re into building games it’s well worth a look and you can get it for free on Google Play.

8. Stick Tennis

Sticks are usually used to poke dead animals, make bow and arrows, or beat on people. That’s not the case in Stick Tennis as you’ll take to the court with a few stickly little figures and beat a tennis ball back and forth with your racket. There aren’t a whole lot of good Tennis games out there, but you now add Stick Tennis to that list. If you’re ready to dominate the world or just curse at the screen when you miss the ball you can pick up Stick Tennis for free on Google Play.

9. 100 Missions

MPI Games brought us 100 Doors a little while back, and now they’ve returned with 100 Missions. Their newest game lets you take on a slew of puzzles as you’ll play a MI6 Agent that has to poke, shake, and swipe his way through various puzzles to complete his mission. It’s a slick little puzzler and best of all it’s free!

10. Magic Wingdom

I was first introducted to Playcreek with their wickedly fun game Death Worm, and it’ looks like they’re back with a new title called Magic Wingdom. Magic Wingdom is a line drawing game that’s full of combos, upgrades, and achievement, but most importantly it’s a lot of fun to play. This one snuck under my radar until this morning so I didn’t get to spend much time with it, but will have a full write up later in the week. If you’re ready to give it a go you can pick up Magic Wingdom for free on Google Play.

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