Take On Commando Rabbits and Ninja Dogs in Marbles in Wanderland for Android

Take On Commando Rabbits and Ninja Dogs in Marbles in Wanderland for Android


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Most of you know the tale of Alice in Wonderland, but do you know about Marbles in Wanderland? When we say Marbles we don’t mean the kind you flip with a finger, we’re talking about a cat named Marbles and as for Wanderland… well it’s a pretty strange place to say the least.

Marbles in Wanderland takes place in an odd land full of dangerous animals that are out to get you, and your only go is to stay alive for as long as you can. As you start your strange journey you’ll be assaulted by the likes of ninja dogs, and rocket pack commando bunnies among other quirky creatures. Taking them out is pretty straightforward as you just need to slash your foes when they appear on-screen, and you’ll get to slash them up in two different zones with the Hill zone & Machine Zone. Every time you take out an enemy you’ll earn “fish coins” which can be used to unlock & upgrade fun weapons like the chuck buck, ion cannon, and blazer lazer. The prices of the weapons are kind of high, but the fish coins are dirt cheap as you can buy 10,000 of them for just a buck… nice change of pace in the IAP area.


Marbles in Wanderland is a funky little Android game that’s great for a quick play anytime you’re in the mood for some quirky fun. There’s not a ton of depth there, but the game is well put together and your fingers will probably get tired long before you actually tire of the game itself. Marbles in Wanderland is definitely worth a look if you enjoy games like Fruit Ninja or quick-play games in general. You can snag Timespacemagic’s Marbles in Wanderland for free on Google Play.

Marbles in Wanderland


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