Stay Alive in BradyTech’s Blight Sequence for Android

Stay Alive in BradyTech’s Blight Sequence for Android


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It’s fairly obvious that we love retro game here at, and Blight Sequence from BradyTech looks to be a great new one. This endless side-scroller is all about trying to stay alive for as long as possible on a desolate little world called Earth that’s been abandoned and overrun by pollution.

Blight Sequence puts you in the role of an alien pilot who has crashed on a mysterious planet called Earth. Luckily you made it through the landing and came out alive, but it’s not all roses as unfortunately as the planet has been overtaken by pollution. This keeps you from getting too close to the surface, and your thrusters are a bit too weak to let you escape the planet’s atmosphere so you’re basically stuck which is where the funs comes in. Blight Sequence has you trying to stay alive by press/swiping to avoid any oncoming floating debris while trying to collect fuel bubbles to keep your energy up and keep your craft in the air. You’ve also got a strong wind working against and some pieces of debris are so big they’ve got their own gravity pull. Basically you’re in trouble and it’s going to take all your wits and skills to stay alive as long as you can.


Blight Sequence is a great little retro game that’s fun to play, but there are a few issues that need to be fixed. The ad placement is poor in the free version as it blocks out some of your score/stats at the top. It may not be the same on all devices as all screens are not created equal, but it was the case with the Galaxy S2 I tested it on. The controls could also stand to be tightened up a bit as well. That being said it’s a brand new game so I’m sure the developer will address those issues promptly, and if you buy the game you won’t have to worry about the ads. There is a free version of the game available to play and if you prefer your games without ads you can pick up the ad-free version for only a buck. Both versions of Bradytech’s Blight Sequence are available for download on Google Play.

Blight Sequence


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