Skillpod Media releases Frankie Pain for Android

Skillpod Media releases Frankie Pain for Android


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I’ve said it before and will probably say it again, but I’m a sucker for an Android game with a cool name. Such is the case of a new Android game called Frankie Pain from Skillpod Media. Can you help Frankie get revenge or will you even want to? Read on to find out…

Frankie Pain is the story of a mercenary that does what mercenary’s do… kill people and get paid. Well Frankie’s just been hired by the government to test a weapon, but the hitch is he’ll have to test it against his nemesis General Am’Elam. You’ll take the controls as Frankie and will have to shoot, jump, duck, and glide your way through 13 levels to try and get to the General so you can get paid and get revenge. There are several different weapons for you to use, and there’s even a few alien allies that will lend you a hand during the game.

Frankie Pain is an interesting little shooter with some very 2D/3D graphics and a nice storyline with a sense of humor. I was able to blow through the first few levels fairly easy, but it was still fun although the controls could use a little improvement. If you’re ready to help Frankie get revenge you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Frankie Pain for free

Frankie Pain

Skillpod Media

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