Save the World from Blowing Up in McPixel for Android

Save the World from Blowing Up in McPixel for Android


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I’m a sucker for quirky games, and McPixel from Sos is about as quirky as you could possibly get. From the time I fired up the game and got a retro “Warning” screen I knew I was in for a good time or at least a weird one, and it was a little bit of both.

McPixel is a game that involves Battle Axes, hot pixel Nurses, dynamite, Buddhist Monks, Hot Dogs, and a weed smoking Alien. Sound strange? Well, that’s just the first round of stages. McPixel is a game about not letting stuff blow up, and to do this you’ll have to use pixely little objects in each stages environment. Each stage has a timer and a bomb that’s either hidden or in plain sight. You only have about 20 seconds to quickly search the screen for objects that can be used to keep the bomb from going off, and that’s the gist of things. McPixel runs on an endless loop as well which means whether you blow up or save the folks in a level the game just keeps moving along to the next stage until you complete all of them. Once you do make it through each world’s stages you get to do a bonus stage and can move along to the next set of challenges for McPixel.

McPixel is one of the oddest games I’ve played in awhile and I love every second of it. The retro background music & graphics are a joy to behold, and the game ain’t half bad either. It’s actually a lot more challenging than I ever thought it would be, and there are quite a few surprises in store as well. I’m picking this one up for myself, and will have a full rundown of the Pixely Awesomeness known as McPixel by the weekend. If you’re ready for an awkward good time I highly advise you to get check out the Lite version of McPixel, and if you dig is as much as I do you can grab the full version for only a $1.99.



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