Quick Review – Graffiti Ball for Android

Quick Review – Graffiti Ball for Android


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Backflip Studios first caught my attention ages ago with the super popular game Paper Toss, and now they’ve gotten my attention again with a little Android game called Graffiti Ball. While the two games couldn’t be more different they have one very important thing in common… they’re both a blast to play.

Graffiti Ball is a physics based puzzler that has you try to get a little bouncing ball from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible. You’ll do this in an urban environment and Graffiti will play a big part of the gameplay. When each level starts you’ll have to use your trusty spray paint to draw a path of sorts which will help you get the ball rolling so to speak. The problem lies in the ball itself as it’s a bouncy ball which can help you in some cases and hurt you in others. The levels all vary quite a bit from one to the next; some levels will have half the board already painted out for you while others require you to do quite a bit of spraying. The levels are all timed, and you can progress as long as you finish before the timer runs out. Actually, you can progress regardless as I was able to access any and all of the levels in the game without completing the previous one. While that does take a bit of the fun out of things, there are a lot of levels to play with 100 in all spread out across 5 different cities from Brooklyn to Tokyo.



Graffiti Ball is a cool little Android game with great style and solid gameplay. As mentioned, I wish you had to play through the levels to progress, but some of the levels are quite hard so there’s still quite a bit of difficulty there.  The game also has achievements courtesy of Papaya so you can check your scores against the rest and the best. If you’d like to give it a whirl you can pick up Backflip Studios Graffiti Ball on Google Play for free.

Graffiti Ball

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