Prepare for Battle as Modern War finally lands on Android

Prepare for Battle as Modern War finally lands on Android


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Although this particular game has been available for free on iOS for some time now, the developers GREE (now incorporating Funzio) have only just gotten around to releasing this MMORPG on the Android platform.

Modern War is a game that is either loved or loathed by players. This is one of those addictive MMORPG that promises a storyline to keep you engaged in the game and gameplay to keep users engrossed in playing and enjoying the game. Modern War boasts over 300 missions and has more than 200 goals for players to work towards, spread out over 30 mission areas across the globe within the game.

At the start of the game, players make a choice of the nation they wish to fight for and are given the options are taking one of the following six nations: United States, Great Britain, Germany, Iran, China or Russia into the battlefield. You are then faced with the task of building your army and your army base, deploying your troops to fulfill missions and tasks and generally attempt to take over the world which, is always a positive in any game. It is also possible to play against friends online and create alliances with other players.

There are more than 100 air, sea, and land units to buy in the game and players can buy them using the in game currency or as with so many of this type of game, with real world currency although, it is possible to play this game quite happily without ever spending any of that real world cash at all. This is the part that gamers tend to loathe – it’s quite clear with this game and with it’s predecessor ‘Crime City’ (also available on android through Google Play) that the developers are desperately trying to get gamers to spend their hard earned cash within the game however, after playing the game personally, it might be slower to ‘develop’ in the game without spending money but, I can confirm that it is very possible to play the game for free and thoroughly enjoy it.

The major gripe with Modern War may be that users must be connected to the internet to play it. That could be limiting to some players who don’t have a connection all of the time. Modern War is available to download free of charge from Google Play.

Modern War


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