Prepare for Battle as a Gun wielding Chicken in Weapon Chicken for Android

Prepare for Battle as a Gun wielding Chicken in Weapon Chicken for Android


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Chickens are known for a lot of things especially for being a tasty meal. Well some chickens that is as others are pretty tough like one in an Android game called Weapon Chicken from MobAppBox.

Weapon Chicken is an Android game that puts you into the role of a pissed off chicken with a boatload of guns. Why is the chicken so angry? We have no idea, but you’ll have a lot of fun taking out the oddball characters with your rage filled chicken commando. You control your chicken and his weapons with dual-joysticks, and if you’ve played Guerilla Bob or similar style games you’ll have no issues getting down to business in Weapon Chicken. There are two different modes of play with Adventure & Survival; Survival mode is pretty self explanatory while Adventure mode is the heart of the game.  I’m a bit unsure of the final level count, but there appears to be 30+ stages set across 4 different worlds including Tribe, Mine, Forest, and Christmas.


Weapon Chicken is a nice little shooter, and good for some quick fun if you’re into gun wielding chickens. The graphics are crisp and fun, and the game is very simple to play as well. There doesn’t appear to be a ton of depth to the game, but it’s still good fun nonetheless. If you’re in the mood to for a little action you can head on over to Google Play and snag MobAppBox’s Weapon Chicken for free.

Weapon Chicken


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