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There have been a lot of trends in the world of Android Games, and the most recent one seems to come in the form of Monsters. Well it looks like MiniClip has just joined the fray with a new entry into the Monster Game genre with Monster Island for Android.

Monster Island is a physics flinger of sorts that has you throwing monster bombs at Monster thugs that have started harassing the residents of Monster Island. You’ll toss your bombs by simply dragging the trajectory back with your finger and letting them rip, but different bombs have different effects which is where the fun comes into play. Some bombs are inactive, but are good for knocking objects over or down while others explode on impact or roll before exploding. You’ll have to use a combination of bombs to get through some levels while other levels require you to just use one type of bomb. As for the levels, there are a whopping 315 spread across 5 different worlds which is a good thing as I was able to blow through the first 2o in less than 5 minutes. That being said, I’m sure they get trickier as you progress and 300+ levels are still going to keep you busy for quite awhile.


Monster Island looks to be another hit from MiniClip, and if you enjoyed their previous games there’s no doubt you’ll dig this one. The Monsters themselves are quirky and fun to play with, and you can unlock several different ones with money earned in the game. The only thing I really didn’t like in my brief run through were the 8-10 second ads that pop up asking you to purchase the game. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but a little annoying nonetheless. You can pick up MiniClip’s Monster Island for free on Google Play.

Monster Island

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