Meet Bubbles the Newest Angry Bird in the Angry Birds Seasons Update

Meet Bubbles the Newest Angry Bird in the Angry Birds Seasons Update


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As reported last week Rovio decided to introduce a new Bird into their popular Angry Birds franchise, and today you’ll get to meet her thanks to an update.Just when you thought they might star to run out of themes Rovio is back with another update, and this one has a “Back to School” theme. The new update brings gamers 20 Back to School themed levels to enjoy, and you finally get to meet the newest member of the birds… Bubbles. This is the first female bird in the game, and Bubbles has a pretty nifty power as you might expect. Bubble blows bubbles, and you tap the screen to let her blow them it can have a devastating effect. The bubbles will basically pickup anything they touch, float it up into the air and drop it. As you’d imagine this can come in very handy when you need to get to some hard to reach piggies.


The new update is fun although a little ironic as there are probably millions of kids sneakily playing the Back to School update in school.  Bubbles is a fun new character though, and I thoroughly enjoyed using her bubbles to pick up stones and drop them on the unsuspecting piggies heads. If you’re ready to meet Bubbles you can head on over to Google Play and get your update on.

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