Match 3 Fun with Eyeballs in Eye Kebab for Android

Match 3 Fun with Eyeballs in Eye Kebab for Android


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It’s always fun to look for odd Android games, and this week we’re going to take a look at one involving eyeballs and skewers. Eye Kebab is a quirky little Android game from Tacoty Ph Code, and it’s guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll ever have making Eye Kebab’s.

Eye Kebab is a funky Match 3 game that has you matching Eyeballs instead of cubes or diamonds. If that’s not odd enough for you no worries its gets weirder. The eyeballs come in a few different flavors and are lined up in a tube, and you’ll have to pop them onto skewers before the tube jams up. There are 3 skewers and each one holds three eyes; you can pop them onto the skewers any way you like but if you don’t match 3 the skewer drops off the playing field and drops the eyeballs back into the tube. You gain points for every skewer you match, and if the tube starts blinking red you’ve only got 5 seconds to clear it or its game over.


Eye Kebab is a simple Match 3 style game that’s easy to play and fun in a very odd way. There’s not a lot to the game but if you’re tired of matching jewels and cute little animals, matching eyeballs may be the thing for you. Eye Kebab is a free download, but there are some unnecessary permissions involved so you may want to keep that in mind if you’re hardcore about what’s got access to your phone. If you’re ready to skewer dozens of eyeballs you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Eye Kebab for free.

Eye Kebab

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