Hit the Mat with Wrestling Revolution for Android

Hit the Mat with Wrestling Revolution for Android


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Last week the WWE released their official Android App which made me start browsing for actual Wrestling Games. The selection is beyond slim, but I did find one called Wrestling Revolution from MDickie.

Wrestling Revolution is a bit of an oddity as it seems to be a wrestling game with an actual storyline, and a funny one at that. It’s also billed as the first “episodic” wrestling game which is interesting and shows that the dev’s know their wrestling as the WWE is all about storylines. As it is a wrestling game you’ll want to be able to perform some moves and you’ll get to as you can punch people, pick them up, hit them with objects, taunt, and go for the pin. The controls are workable, but do take some getting used to and I feel they should definitely be adjusted a bit in future updates. Wrestling Revolution seems to have quite a few modes of play and matches, and you can even have up to 10 characters in the ring at one time in certain matches.


Wrestling Revolution is a nice game, but it’s definitely a work in progress. The overall interface and controls need some work (virtual d-pad/adjustable sizes), but the basis for a solid game is there and the storyline/episodic style of the game is definitely interesting to say the least. There’s a free version of the game you can try that gives you a few different modes and lets you get a feel for the game while the full version is called Wrestling Revolution PPV and can be had for a buck. If you enjoy Wrestling it’s definitely worth a look, and I plan on checking back in on the game in the future to see what kind of progress has been made. If you want to give it a go you can pick up MDickie’s Wrestling Revolution on Google Play.

Wrestling Revolution


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