Hack the World with Uplink for Android

Hack the World with Uplink for Android


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As mentioned yesterday the Humble Bundle 3 for Android is live, and as promised I’m here to tell you about an awesome Android game called Uplink from Introversion Software.

Uplink first graced computer screens in 2001, and since then it’s grown quite the fanbase as well… it’s just a damn good game. Uplink lets you take on the role of a computer Hacker working for the Uplink Corporation who is a worldwide organization that gives out work for hackers. As a new Agent you have to work your way through the ranks by hacking, and there’s also a pretty sweet storyline involving artificial life, evil corporations, and a wicked computer virus. The hacking part of the game is really a blast as you get to buy new gear and programs; you’ll also notice a lot of hacking related movie references in the game.

Uplink is “the” hacking game to play if you’ve ever dreamed of breaking into systems and doing what hackers do. I played this one briefly last night, and it’s just as good now as it was in 2001 and it’s very cool to be able to play Uplink on my 10” tab. The game is actually suited perfectly (and only available for) tablets as you need screen space to fully enjoy all the game has to offer. I will definitely be back with a full review of Uplink next week, until then you can pick it up as part of the Humble Bundle for Android or on Google Play for $4.99.


Introversion Software

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