Glu Mobile releases Tavern Quest for Android

Glu Mobile releases Tavern Quest for Android


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Tavern Quest is the latest game from the game makers of Glu Moble, and as the name implies it’s all about a Tavern. You won’t get to imbibe tasty drink, but you will get to build and run your own fantasy tavern.

Tavern Quest puts you in the role of a fire breathing dragon that just happens to own a tavern. This Dragon was a pretty nice one who had no interest in burning villages and wreaking havoc as he just wanted to cook. Your job as Chef Dragon is to cook amazing dishes for your customers to keep them happy while upgrading your Tavern and taking on quests. Your cooking is actually so amazing that it will bring in Heroes from across the land to take on those quests and bring you back exotic ingredients from around the world. The best part of it is that you’ll finally get revenge on those Dragon bullies who made fun of your love for cooking as your Legendary Heroes will help you take them to task. Tavern Quest gives you scores of recipes to cook, and lets you collect over 50 cute Heroes to use in you adventures in Fantasy land.


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of cooking games or games that let you run a restaurant, diner, etc… That being said, Tavern Quest seems to be a lot more than just your average Diner Dash type of game as there are quests, heroes, fighting, and you get to cook things like Grilled Griffon Cheese. Tavern Quest looks to be another good game by the folks at Glu, and if you’re ready to check it out hit the link below to snag it from Google Play.

Tavern Quest

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