Game to Win releases Gods Wars: Shadow of the Death

Game to Win releases Gods Wars: Shadow of the Death


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If you want to get noticed in the Android world, one good way is to have a catchy title. It seems as if Game to Win has perfected the art of naming as they got my attention awhile back for a game called “Ninja Tower” and now they’ve done it again with the awesomely titled Gods Wars: Shadow of the Death.

Gods Wars: Shadows of the Death is a bit of an oddball in the RPG area whereas most RPG’s tell you a little about the back story in the market description, this one does not. Is about battling God’s, death or even shadows? I have no clue, but it is full of all sorts of systems. You’ve got an Equipment System, Combination System, Strengthen System, Talent Tree System, Quest System, and even a damned Fairy System. Most of the “systems” are pretty self explanatory, but he Fairy system is a new one to me. Apparently Heroes belong with loneliness, but you don’t have this kind of feeling because you’ve got Fairies that de-buff and distract monsters when they’re with you. Well, something like that anyway…


There is no free version of Gods Wars: Shadows of the Death available so needless to say I haven’t gotten around to trying this one yet. If we were going off looks alone I would have already snagged this one as the screens look great, but I’ve learned the hard way that looks can be very deceiving when it comes to RPG’s. I do plan on giving this one a run in the next few days and if it’s as good as it looks and as cool as it sounds I’ll definitely report back. If you can’t stand the wait and are just as curious about the game as I am you can head on over to Google Play and checkout Gods Wars: Shadows of the Death for $0.99.

Gods Wars: Shadows of the Death

Game To Win

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