Flip Houses in Home Renovation Tycoon for Android

Flip Houses in Home Renovation Tycoon for Android

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There are scores of Tycoon games out there floating around, and the newest on we’ve found is certainly interesting. Home Renovation Tycoon is the name of the Android game, and it’s going to put you to work flipping houses.

Home Renovation Tycoon lets you buy, sell, and renovate homes all from the comfort of your phone. You’ll have to balance the needs of buyers against a home’s value and decide which renovations to make. You can build on multiple lots, and use a variety of materials to build your dream home. You’ll also have to setup furniture in your new abodes and just like a real life, style matters. Home Renovation Tycoon seems to have quite a few tools for use to help you build the perfect house, but you’ll still have to sell it as that’s kind of the point of flipping houses.


Home Renovation Tycoon is definitely an interesting concept, and personally I wish there were more Tycoon games of this nature instead of all the zoo tycoons and the like. That being said, the game is virtually unplayable on my Galaxy S3 so I had to pull a quick refund on this one. It has the look of an old-school style tycoon/sim game which is never a bad thing, and even though I can’t play it hopefully someone else can as I’d love to find out how good (or bad) this one really is. If you’ve tried the game out feel free to comment, and if you’re curious you can give it a run for $0.99 on Google Play.

Home Renovation Tycoon

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