Fight Crime with Playway’s Tap Police for Android

Fight Crime with Playway’s Tap Police for Android


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Growing up every kid played Cops & Robbers, and now you can play the Cop on your Android device with a game called Tap Police from Playway. Tap Police drops you into a squad car and sends you out into the city to take down criminals and clean up the streets. You drive around in your police car and will have to take on all sorts of missions from collecting thugs with your car to taking them out with your firearm. You won’t just get stuck with the old-school police issue revolver either; Tap Police ups the ante a bit by giving you access to miniguns, shotguns, and even some rockets for those criminals that just won’t die easily. You’ll also get a few cool things for use in your squad car like nitro, shields, and land mines. Tap Police has a pretty vast world to drive through as well, and you’ll have to actually be careful as the environment is destructible and bumping into buildings and tree is just going to slow you down and may even allow the criminals to escape.


I actually came across Tap Police last month, and with all the new releases (and the Olympics) it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I gave the game a brief play over the weekend and though it was quite a bit of fun although there is definitely room for improvement in a few areas like the controls. Tap Police is a game that’s definitely worth a look, and luckily there’s a lite version that everyone can check out. If you like what you see the full version will only set you back $1.40. Both versions of PlayWay’s Tap Police are available to download on Google Play.

Tap Police


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