Crush the Undead with Mad Menace Entertainments GraveStompers for Android

Crush the Undead with Mad Menace Entertainments GraveStompers for Android


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If you enjoy beating the hell outta’ Zombies as much as I do, then you’re in for a treat as there’s a new Zombie killing game in town by the name of GraveStompers from Mad Menace Entertainment.

GraveStompers puts you to work destroying Zombies with anything and everything you can think of. From guns and blades to bats, chainsaws, and shotguns if you can kill a Zombie with it chances are it’s in the game. There are several different whacky characters to choose from and an armory that would make a warlord weep. Another thing I found extremely cool was the ability to add a certain famous killer from a popular horror franchise. No, it’s not Freddy, Jason or Leatherface, but it’s still a cool killer nonetheless.

GraveStompers graphics are going to be the first thing that grabs your attention, and with good reason as they are very easy on the eyes and the all the characters look great even on older devices like the original Galaxy S. The only issue I see so far is with the controls which are more than manageable although I think they’ll be a little difficult for some folks that are new to this style of game. Overall, GraveStompers is a very solid game and one you should definitely check out if you enjoy action, zombies, and kick-ass weaponry. You can pick up Mad Menace Entertainment’s GraveStompers for free on Google Play.


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